About Us

South Bay Mommy and Me has a simple mission: to bring together like-minded mothers who are seeking a village to raise their babies. Together we gather. We bond. We grow.

We are mothers supporting other mothers. We are child development experts. We are specialists in encouraging the child-mother attachment bond. We are unlike any other mommy and me program in Los Angeles’ famed South Bay.

We are a well researched, highly informed, premium program that seeks to have a profound influence on your life. We are loving and compassionate healers seeking to make a difference in our community. We are filled with gratitude to help you find your inner mama.



Laur is a Clinical Hypnotherapist (# 39382047) who specializes in NLP and imagery visualization to help her clients release fears and create new positive emotional and behavioral habits that align with their intentions. She is mama to two little girls and is passionate about enabling women to tap into the power of their full mind and intuition. 


She is a mix of both head thinking and heart feeling. Her analytical side strives to understand all the research, best methods, and science-based answers for how and why alternative methods work for your mind and body.  On the other hand, her intuitive heart-centered side guides her on what a client needs to release to move forward. 


Her experience with hypnotherapy while she was pregnant makes her especially passionate about working with women during their motherhood journey.  She found that her immersion in imagery journeys and hypnotic exercises created a special bond between her and her babies.  She felt like she really knew them before they were born and felt guided towards how to prepare for each one.  Stress and fears about this big life change were replaced with trust and deep knowing.  Her classes are focused on enhancing and strengthening the feelings of connection, trust, and relaxation for mamas and their children.