Playdates With Your Toddler

PERSONALIZED PARENT COACHING SESSION for 2 families who have a child between the ages of 2 and 3 years old.


This 90-minute coaching session is designed for typically developing toddlers and their parents.  This session aims to promote better socializing skills between same-aged peers.  Parents will be coached to use a variety of parenting strategies in the moment to support their child's regulation.  Each set of parents will leave with a written, individualized plan depending on their family's unique needs, as well as handouts with explanations of the skills taught in the session.


Investment: $150 per family


Who this is for:

  • Children who hit or act out in other challenging ways toward peers, parents, or siblings.
  • Children who do not have a mental health diagnosis.
  • Parents who are struggling to know how to respond to their child's challenging behaviors.
  • Parents who are open to learning new ways of responding to their child.
  • Parents who are interested in neuropsychology-informed approaches to understanding their child's thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Playdates With Your Toddler

  • Details

    Upon receiving payment, Bryana will email you about scheduling.  2 families need to register in order for your session to be confirmed.  Your session will be scheduled based upon your availability, the other family's availability, and Bryana's availability.

    Please note: this service begins in January 2020.