About Us

South Bay Mommy and Me has a simple mission: to bring together like-minded mothers who are seeking a village to raise their babies. Together we gather. We bond. We grow.

We are mothers supporting other mothers. We are child development experts. We are specialists in encouraging the child-mother attachment bond. We are unlike any other mommy and me program in Los Angeles’ famed South Bay.

We are a well researched, highly informed, premium program that seeks to have a profound influence on your life. We are loving and compassionate healers seeking to make a difference in our community. We are filled with gratitude to help you find your inner mama.

Scott Bonnel

Scott Bonnel

Scott Bonnel is the husband to an intelligent, beautiful, talented and adorably quirky wife of 19 years; the father to one of the most amazing humans on the planet for 17 years; a licensed Marriage and Family therapist for 15 years (LMFT43344); a college professor for well over a decade; and a proud nerd flag flying geek for most of his life.  Scott works with individuals and couples specializing in anxiety and marriage counseling where his passion is to help people find the peace and purpose they long for in their lives.


As a college professor, he has taught courses in child development, human sexuality, and counseling courses in addiction, trauma, and couples’ treatment.  Growing up fatherless, Scott passionately pursued understanding the struggle of men, masculinity, and fatherhood.  He has developed a deep compassion and commitment to helping men and dads searching to be and feel more effective and present in their families.